Solar Powered LED Sensor


How do solar LED lights work and can it get wet?

The battery-driven LED solar lights exploit a multitude of electronic components for their smooth and effective functioning. The main segments encompass a solar panel, rechargeable battery, built-in photo light sensor, an LED spotlight, LED motion detector, and a luminous light-emitting element. With the aid of the sunforce, the solar panel captures sunlight and converts it into high-grade solar light energy through the panels, which are then stowed in the battery. The light flux deposited in the solar cell is deployed to generate electricity or watts and power up a single LED bulb or a series of LEDs. By employing premium-quality solar lights with exceptional battery lifespan and charge, the unit is in a position to perform all night long in automatic operation mode.

Can LED solar lights get wet?

Yes, most LED security solar lights can get wet. Durable designs are usually able to handle ordinary outdoor rainfall. If your solar light is IP65 waterproof, it will be able to resist rain as well as dust in the air.

Can you keep your solar LED lights on all the time?

As a maintenance-free device, it's okay for solar LED lights to stay on all the time. Most smart solar lights turn on and off automatically at sunset and sunrise without any manual action. To maximize the lifespan of your solar lights, you may want to bring them indoors or turn them off when not in use for extended periods of time.

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