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KEYKO® Technology LLC is an integrated Investment  entity which specializes in the following Divisions: Electronics, Audio, Computer, and Batteries. In 1964, the concept of KEYKO® was born. Excellence in Everything we do, is and will continue to be our goal. Our Brand  KEYKO®, always include futuristic Ideas, outperforming efficiency and standards. We are committed to constantly develop new, high level Technology and Materials, that results in improved efficiency and performance.
They KEYKO® group embraces creativity and diversity in the work environment – enabling development of the highest technology and quality. We value our employees. KEYKO® employees are treated with respect and dignity as individuals and as family members. We embrace everyone’s potential for advancement and development, and together we celebrate our merits.
We believe in the responsibility to our customers, constantly striving to reduce our costs and provide reasonable prices for our products. Another responsibility is to our stockholders and investors. The KEYKO® group takes pride in investing back into the company in order to constantly bring innovative products and advance our pipeline. We care about our community and the environment by regularly researching and supporting ideas for clean and green technologies.

The focus for KEYKO Brand is on providing unmatched customer service along with a quick and painless order process. We have perfected our craft and technology with the many years of experience under our belt along with a team of dedicated technicians that work tirelessly to provide the excellence of our batteries.
As a result of our efforts, we provide all of our customers with:

  • Excellent customer service from start to finish

  • A vast variety of premium quality products

  • Unmatched innovation within the industry

  • An engaging experience that will exceed your expectations

With our premium product quality, your search for a battery supplier to fulfill your purchasing requirements is finally over. We proudly stand behind every product we sell because we believe in providing a rewarding experience that will keep you coming back for more batteries. Our customers proudly tell us that when they purchase KEYKO® batteries, they know that the usual issues and problems never arise as with other smaller and less efficient suppliers. With KEYKO , you are guaranteed to receive:

  • Bulk batteries that will last under the most rigorous of conditions

  • A trusted wholesale distributor that can easily handle any sized order

  • An order process that is easy to navigate and finalize

  • Dedicated service to each and every client throughout the whole process

  • A company that has been the gold standard in the battery industry for over 50 years


At KEYKO® we take care of all the resources needed to produce a high quality product and that lasts longer for our customers. We comply with a variety of certificates that shows our commitment to the industry in general, the environment and most important our workers.
We manufacture under Japanese Quality standard, Environment Certificated Plant and facilities: