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KEYKO Americas, Corp: Profile

Low Risk 2002 Florida USA Stablished Corporation, with base USA Headquarter located in Hialeah – Fl, in cooperation with ARS logistics, Subsidiary that counts with Five Additional Distribution Centers located around the 49 State s, getting closer to Authorized Dealers, In ternet Sales Resellers and ‘nternet Department Stores, offering them 2nd Day shipping service nationwide. Additionally, and through Authorized Retailers, KEYKO Americas Corp offers its Exclusive International Worldwide Brand KEYKO for Energy, Security, Medical and Mobility, Solar Solutions, LED Solutions, Uninterruptible Power Supply UPS, and a wide line of Consumer Electronics Products. All (6) Six Locations, strategically allocated are considered PRIME Warehouses by Amazon, and Authorized 2nd Day by e-bay and Walmart, getting great interest for Third Parties, Distributors and Resellers, as well as On line Department Stores for using ARS Logistics Group locations facilities services to I’!et closer to their Customers.

KEYKO Americas, Corp: Business Strategy

KEYKO Americas Corp investment seeks capital growth and income consistent with prudent and conservative investment management, based on a wide and Fresh Inventory and Rotation. The fund invests at least 80% of its net assets in keeping Inventory always running without fail, and reducing operational costs, giving third Parties Drop Fulfillment Services. Not credit involved in any operation, KEYKO Americas Corp is running the business of the Futures, Internet Channel Sales and distribu tion, at low cost and with Fast services responses.


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4:00 PM ET – Feb 23 2018

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3 Years Fixed Interest Income

4.75 % Annual Return

5 Years Interest Income
Call in 2 Years

5.75 % Annual Return

Lloyds of London Property & Assets Insurance
Essex General Liability Insurance
Essex Business Property Insurance
IPFS Worker Compensation Insurance
Hiscox Crime over Assets Insurance
Markel Cambrige Alliance Cyber Crime Insurance
Markel Cambrige Alliance Errors & Omissions Insurance
Product Liability Insurance by Manufacturer

Portfolio Income Note introduction:

  • US Small Companies Who qualify can issue Portfolio Income notes, with benefits of TaExempt just for foreigners over the interest received from this Notes, REGISTERED and Stamped by Florida Local Authorities

  • The Interest rate is stablished by the Risk the company represent for the Investors. Less Risk produce less interest rate return.


Based on 1017 Performance with Just 2 Distribution Centers covering South East of the country. We project growing for 2018, with 4 Additional and perfectly allocated. increasing the Sales at least 4 to 5 times. but our Projected Projections are Always Conservative,
then we are publishing just 3.5 Times

* This Numbers just represent the sales using our Logistics Locations. *

** 2016: Only from Florida
*** 2017: staring in November Shipping also from Georgia
**** 2018: starting in February shipping from the additional 4


KEYKO Ready for launching Alkaline battery 10 Years Shelf Life Quality Quantum

March, 1 2018

KEYKO Establish new alliance in China for developing Lithium Motorcycles and Electric Vehicle

February, 22 2018

KEYKO Continue negotiation for opening new Distribution Centers in Michigan and California

February, 19 2018

KEYKO Hired a new Operation Manager Mr. Ed Cuevas with a large experience nationwide

February, 12 2018

KEYKO Starts operations in Brooklyn covering Distribution for the North East of the country

February, 8 2018

KEYKO GEL Long Life HRT High Rate AGM / SLA Series, begin selling in US Market being the most powerful Battery Solution

February, 2 2018

KEYKO Starts operations in Dallas covering cistribution for the South West experience nationwide

January, 31 2018

KEYKO Starts operations in Utah covering Distribution for the North West and Pacific Coast of the country

January, 30 2018

KEYKO Starts operations in Kansas covering distribution for the Central and Central North of the country

January, 29 2018